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custom crafted goods



what is moth workshop?

Moth Workshop is a maker studio focused on the creation of custom, crafted goods, large and small. Furniture, lighting, barn doors, artwork, centerpieces, awards...our clients have allowed us to work in a variety of creative realms in both residential and commercial applications.

  • Are you a homeowner wanting a unique piece but don't know where to start?
  • Are you a business manager looking to add creative, custom elements in your space to reflect your branding?
  • Are you an architect or interior designer with a vision in mind but need help refining the design and someone to craft it?
  • Are you an event planner in need of centerpieces or awards?

Whether you have a vague idea or a full concept we would love to discuss how we can help design + craft elements for your space which are truly reflective of your personality, brand, or client’s needs. We’re inspired by creative exploration and we welcome discussing any design challenge.

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    We believe design can have a significant impact and that it is more than creating beautiful things.

    A dining table can bring a family together for a shared meal or game night. An art install can communicate a business' mission to create a discussion point between guests and staff. The lighting of a space can make or break a whole design. We are surrounded by things that have been designed, well thought out or not. With Moth Workshop we focus on creating functional and inspiring crafted solutions for our client's design challenges. We want our work to elicit quality, timelessness & adaptability.

    A few of our favorite materials include reclaimed wood, concrete, steel, plywood, cork, and bamboo.

    We aim to utilize only responsibly sourced materials and non-toxic finishes. We love transforming practical and reclaimed materials into unique and beautiful goods, as well as, working with one of a kind materials.