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We are a husband and wife duo, dubbed TnT by our friends (cue AC DC now being forever stuck in your head). We're both graduates of the University of Idaho with BFA's in Interior Design & minors in Architecture. That's right, same degree. Can you guess how we met?

We love working together and have long dreamt of running a design studio that would blend both of our creative drives, Tab's build knowledge, and Tara's small business management experience. Hence, Moth Workshop--a free spirited design studio that allows us to transform our creative direction as new materials, methods, and technologies emerge.

When not working in the shop, we're often out exploring the various terrains of Idaho and surrounding Pacific Northwest. We just might be the types to go hiking with an Eames chair to find that perfect shot for a photo contest...


tara garrettncidq

Tara has spent the past eight years working within commercial + residential interior design. Before that she pursued her passion for sustainability within a green building materials showroom and connecting with the amazing network of people working to make Boise the best community to live in.

Strives to use design to build on community. Constantly exploring in search of new inspirations. Always aiming for bringing design within reach as everyone should be inspired by their surroundings.

Quirksa dreamer of someday building a tiny vacation home that can easily shift along the western coast,  obsessed with lavender lattes,  and takes way.....way too many light / shadow /  texture photos.

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tab carmanidi, iida associate

Tab has worked on everything from small residential remodels in the North End to the newest hospitals to installation art to furniture and lighting to graphics. He has made it a purpose and goal in life to make the most of the things around him and to create the things that were missing. Titles he has gone by: Display Artist, Director of Operations, Board President, Finish Carpenter, Designer; and now Co-Owner.

Aspires to create things that make people happy. Always looking for something unique as never satisfied with the status quo.

Quirks: may be a bit accident prone (why he's allowed near power tools is still up for debate), loves any excuse to wear a bow tie, and would choose scotch over most everything else.

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